A premier window cleaning company for the greater Houston area with a positive attitude. We'll leave your windows spotless in no time!



Window Cleaning

Looking professional is a great way to attract new business. Having clean and clear windows is one way to keep that professional look. When we clean your windows we will take the time that is required to keep you business looking great. Allow us to keep your business looking the best with clean windows.


Power Washing

Let us bring your business to life with a clean path. It will brighten the area and show that you care about how you look. With our hard work we will restore the surface to that fresh clean look.


Mold & Mildew Removal

You and your clients deserve a safe environment. Mold is a hazard that is not needed and can easily be removed with the right tools. We bring safety to your business by removing the mold and mildew.


Contact Us

Phone: (713)981-6169






Carlos has always displayed a high degree of courtesy, professionalism, responsibility, and ambition. I recommend Carlos and his company with out reservation.

-Current Client

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